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Ce înseamnă indicatorul rutier dur?

Ce înseamnă indicatorul rutier dur? 1

Ce înseamnă indicatorul rutier dur?

No matter how sad it may sound, our roads are far from ideal. You can blame it on both negligent officials and climate vagaries.

Although if you recall the countries of the European Union, where the climate is even harsher and the asphalt is even, like glass, all questions disappear.

Poor quality road surface leads to the fact that the transmission of the car becomes unusable much faster, moreover, shock vibrations negatively affect all components of the car. The only way to deal with negative effects is to slow down in time..

But you can’t always look under the hood. Therefore, in most cases, the driver learns about poor road surface when the wheel enters the pit. It’s okay if this happens at low speed, but at high everything can end extremely sadly.

Ce înseamnă indicatorul rutier dur? 2

There are frequent cases when due to the poor road and high speed, drivers lost their mufflers or even wheels. Moreover, from a sharp blow, the engine may stall. Given that another car is driving behind, this situation may result in an accident. Only a quick reaction and clear movements can help with engine failure.

This designation warns the driver that there will soon be a site where there may be holes, potholes and other signs of good work by the local administration. Of course, the sign “Rough road” is far from everywhere where there is poor road surface, so when you look at it you need to be careful.

Knowing what the “Rough Road” sign means is not enough for the right actions when it is detected. You need to understand exactly when the problematic road surface will begin.

By the way, you may be asked about this when passing the exam for knowledge of traffic rules.

At what distance from the rough section of the road is a sign established outside the settlement?

Ce înseamnă indicatorul rutier dur? 3

  1. 150 – 300 m;
  2. 50 – 100 m;
  3. Directly in front of a rough road.

If such a designation is located within the city, then pits and potholes will begin in 50-100 meters. Beyond the city limits you have to drive not less than 150 m before you start shaking. Correct answer: 1.150 - 300 m.

Many drivers are wondering why the distance to the problem area when installing the “Rough Road” sign is different in the city and beyond. In reality, everything is quite simple. If you believe the statistics, then outside the city, the average vehicle speed is much higher. Accordingly, in order to brake it takes more time.


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