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Ce să-i ofere șoferului fetei de Ziua Internațională a Femeii

Ce să-i dea șoferului fetei în Ziua Internațională a Femeii 1

Ce să-i ofere șoferului fetei de Ziua Internațională a Femeii

Still have not figured out how to bestow your beloved on March 8? We will prompt.

In order to emphasize and celebrate the success of driving a woman driver, you need to give her cute souvenirs as often as possible. There may be several reasons for this: obtaining rights, adding categories, all year without a single fine and, of course, acquiring a new car.

On March 8th, a pretty, attractive woman will also be pleased if you recall her driver’s status, and don’t get off on duty with a bouquet of sweets and sweets.

Ce să-i dea șoferului fetei în Ziua Internațională a Femeii 2

For the good of the cause

First of all, gifts for cars are purchased:

GPS-navigator, when choosing which it is important to remember some of the nuances of female perception, it is not so much the software stuffing of the device that is important for the ladies, but its design and compatibility with the interior color;

DVR, recommended with a resolution of the matrix above 2 megapixels;

powerful music system;

new seat covers that you can print on any image with the addition of memorabilia.

Ce să-i dea șoferului fetei în Ziua Internațională a Femeii 3

In any case, an extended set of car cosmetics and tools for caring for the internal and external surfaces of the body are useful: polishes, stain removers, wipers, scrapers and telescopic brushes. A compact vacuum cleaner for cleaning the passenger compartment, a cordless or with a cord to the “cigarette lighter” is very convenient to use.

A neat wallet or organizer is suitable for a gift, in which you can put rights, a registration certificate, insurance, and other necessary documents. Leather gloves are also suitable for a gift, in which it is much more convenient to hold the steering wheel than just palms.

To protect the hostess of the car from encroachments on her property, a certificate for installing car alarms with a higher level of protection is useful. If the lady driver wants her car to stand out in a dense traffic flow, you can give her a certificate from the airbrush salon, which will refresh the look of her beloved car.

In the case when a lady has to travel with children, a wonderful gift will be a new car seat, compact, lightweight, with age controls.

Ce să-i dea șoferului fetei în Ziua Internațională a Femeii 4

For pleasure

If you are well aware of the fashionable preferences of the owner of the car, present her with auto-glasses with a special coating on the lenses that reflects glare. They will help relieve uncomfortable sensations when driving in bad weather, as they can increase image clarity, improve visual response, increase the depth of spatial perception.

Donors should also remember the opportunity to pick up stylish car accessories:

seat belt adapters;

stands for phone or tablet.

If you can’t wait to hand over more valuable items – add a pendant in the form of a little car, bought or custom made to the gold chain, which will make the thing exclusive and deliver a lot of exciting and pleasant emotions to the auto-lady.

Probably, you are well aware of what perfumes a car owner uses, she will be pleased if you duplicate her perfume in order to leave the second bottle in the glove compartment. She can always use it during the day, which will give the car dealership a unique atmosphere.

I will really like the lady who often goes on vacation outside the city, the “hunter set”, which contains:

a plaid with a rubber coating on one side so that it can be laid on the ground.

You can also add an auto-teapot or a mug here, which is heated by the cigarette lighter and will always provide auto ice with a sip of hot coffee or tea. A traveler will also need a thermal bag or lunch box with a heating function. In this topic, it is necessary to note the auto-refrigerator, the choice of which depends on the capacity of the luggage compartment.

An anti-stress headrest or orthopedic cushion with special filler is always useful on the road. These products support the shoulder and neck muscles, and prevent tension and fatigue. In addition to the usual head restraints, there are many more varieties, you can choose:

headrest with vibration massage function.

Lap stop and lining pad on the seat made of latex or polyurethane can be attributed to this category of car accessories. A long sitting position of the driver provokes the development of many diseases that can be avoided using the listed devices. The exceptional convenience of these gifts will be appreciated by ladies who, in addition to being behind the wheel, have to sit out in the office for a long time.

Suitable for a gift to a car enthusiast and any things for household items that have auto images: calendars, towels, watches, photo frames.

Ce să-i dea șoferului fetei în Ziua Internațională a Femeii 5

For extreme girls

If a lady is seriously interested in driving and prefers a thrill, give her a visit to extreme driving courses. There she learns to go down steep hills, cross a swamp or spin on ice. The lady will be able to experience the whole gamut of sensations, training on such tricks as dashing turns on the spot, coups and travel in front of the rushing train. In practice, schools of extreme driving form contra-driving skills and help not to get confused in any traffic situation.

Such a course develops the skills necessary for any driver: to quickly concentrate and calculate the development of the situation, immediately make decisions and act clearly, confidently, professionally.


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